Meet our people — Helena Lundvall, student at Uppsala University and AI enthusiast

Helena Lundvall

Helena Lundvall is an ambitious and energetic student at Uppsala University. During springtime, she will be writing her thesis on automated recruitment processes with a focus on Layke Analytics.

We decided to interview Helena and get an in-depth idea about her thesis and her motivation behind choosing this topic.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Helena Lundvall, and I am originally from Jämtland, a bit up north in Sweden, but today I am living in Sundbyberg just outside of Stockholm. My family still lives up north though, so I am going there as often as I can, both to visit them and to get my fix of the Jämtland nature.

I am a double degree student at Uppsala University. My primary degree is an M.Sc. in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering, but I am also taking a B.Sc. in Business and Economics. I will be done with both of them in June this year, but first, I have to finish my master thesis, which is also the reason why I am at Layke Analytics!

Tell us about your dissertation. What are you writing about?

The overall topic of my thesis is automated recruitment processes, mainly focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The goal is to examine and analyze which parts of the recruitment process are most valuable for companies to automate, why that is the case, and how it can be done.

How did you choose your topic?

Ever since I started studying engineering, my general tech interest has become more and more narrowed. Firstly connected to Information Technology, and then when I went to study Computer Science at the University of California for a year, I took some courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and data visualization and it made me realize that this is what I want to work with in the future.

Helena Lundvall at the University of California

So, when it was time for me to decide what to write my thesis about, I knew that I wanted it to connect to those subjects in one way or another. Since my engineering program is also quite interdisciplinary, and I, on top of that, have read economics and business parallel to my more technical courses, I wanted the topic of my thesis to mirror that too.

Why are you interested in the topic?

I think my general interest in artificial intelligence and the fields related to it comes from the realization of how much we can do with that kind of technology.

My interest in technology, but more aligned with social sciences, is due to the understanding of how important it is to consider how new kinds of technology can affect us as humans and as a society, which mainly comes from the orientation of my engineering program, Sociotechnical Systems.

Helena Lundvall at IVA

How did you choose Layke?

I have a friend I went to school with who now works at Layke, and he and I had a discussion about what I wanted to write my thesis about. When I told him about my ideas he suggested that I should get in contact with Anna, Layke’s CEO to see if we could do some sort of collaboration, and she was on board!

How is Layke Analytics helping you in writing your thesis?

In a lot of different ways!

First of all, they are helping me connect my knowledge in artificial intelligence to recruitment processes.

Secondly, they help me collect data for my research, both quantitative and qualitative, which will enable me to use Layke Analytics as a case study and, in that way, answer the research questions of my thesis.

Lastly, they are a fun group of people to be around! I learn a lot from them, and they are giving me energy and good laughs, which from time to time can be very much needed when you are writing your thesis.

Helena Lundvall at Layke Analytics

What is your overall expectation?

My overall expectation is to have a rewarding last semester of my six years of studying, where I will be allowed to connect all the academic knowledge I have gathered to a real-life case with the help of Layke Analytics. And of course, to have a fun time while doing so!




I enjoy creating stories and bringing them to life through fun visuals at Layke Analytics.

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Gabriela Taranu

Gabriela Taranu

I enjoy creating stories and bringing them to life through fun visuals at Layke Analytics.

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